Famous Mentors

Famous Mentors by Catherine Apitz

By Catherine Apitz

Many people remember their mentors for the rest of their lives because of how these special people helped to shape their careers and influence their lives with important lessons.  President Barack Obama cited in one of his speeches how a female lawyer friend, (not his current wife) served as his mentor in his early days at a law firm.  Below is a list of famous mentors from diverse careers:

1.  Warren Beatty, actor, mentored Diane Keaton, actress and comedian.

2.  Carroll O'Connor mentored Larry Hagman, both actors and comedians.
3.  Madonna, actress/singer mentored Gwyneth Paltrow, actress
4.  Jonathon Winters, comedian, mentored Robin Williams, actor, comedian.

1.  Jerry Wexler, music journalist, record producer, chairman of Atlantic Records, mentored a number of musicians including Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Linda Ronstadt, Ray Charles and Willie Nelson.

2.  Isaac Stern, Israeli violinist and conductor, mentored Yo-Yo Ma, celloist and Pinchas Zuckerman, Israeli violinist and conductor.
3.  Leonard Bernstein, conductor, mentored Martin Alsop, conductor.
4.  Jack Benny was a role model for Gisele McKenzie, Canadian singer, violinist and comedian.

1.  Maya Angelou, poet, mentored Oprah Winfrey, actress and talk show host.

2.  Oprah Winfrey mentored Dr. Phil McGraw, psychologist and talk show host.
3.  Mike Wallace, news journalist and TV broadcaster, mentored Barbara Walters, news journalist and TV broadcaster.
4.  Peter Jennings, news journalist and TV broadcaster, mentored Aaron Brown, news journalist and TV broadcaster.
5.  Isaac Asimov, science fiction writer, mentored Gene Roddenberry, science fiction TV and movie playwright, producer.
6.  Walter Cronkite, news journalist and TV broadcaster, mentored Dan Rather, news journalist and TV broadcaster.

1.  Christian Dior, fashion designer, mentored Yves St. Laurent, fashion designer

2.  Jerome Leibling, photographer, mentored Ken Burns, photographer and PBS documentary write
3.  Mark O' Meara and Butch Harmon, golfers, mentored Tiger Woods, golfer.
4.  Micheal Jordan, All Star basketball player, mentored Kwane Brown, basketball player.

1.  Fidel Castro, dictator of Cuba, mentored Hugo Chavez, President of Argentina.

2.  Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britian, mentored John Major, Prime Minister of Great Britian.
3.  Joseph Stalin, Russian dictator in WW II, mentored Nikita Khrushchev, post WW II Russian leader.
4.  Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the US, mentored Meriweather Lewis, explorer. 
5.  Sitting Bull, Lakota Chief, mentored Gall, Hunkpapa Chief.
6.  Mahatma Ghandi, spiritual leader and peace civil rights activist, served as a role model for Martin Luther King Jr, minister and peace civil rights activist.

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